Planet Blue Travel – Full Service Travel Agency specializing in weekly Condo Rentals at popular resort destinations.

Hello, I’ve started a Travel Service that I’m doing to have something to do when I retire. If you’re interested in traveling, cruises, airfares, hotels, Vacation condos, even car rentals. You can do that through my website.

Most of you are familiar with time shares, but if you’re not, imagine vacationing at a location you’ve always wanted to visit but couldn’t afford the expense, airline tickets and/or gas, car rental, not to mention hotel, dining out every meal. Well we can help you with the hotel and dining out expenses.

We have time shares available to rent for a week, or just a few days, where you walk in to your condo, unpack and you have your own place in the location of your dreams. Just go to the grocery store, mix with the locals and now it’s just like being at home. All this without having to pay an annual maintenance fee!

If you don’t see anything you like on the website, contact me and I have a “personal stash” of rentals at special prices. Call me and let’s talk.

Sign up and you can book anything we want on the website or let me know where you’re planning to go and we’ll tell you what’s available. Generally we need a few months’ notice in order to get the location you want.

We’ll see you on Vacation!

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